Date: February 14th 2024 to May 12th 2024
Opening Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm
Location: 8th Floor Central World LIVE, Bangkok Thailand
Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Join Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew as they travel to Bangkok for the first time at the One Piece Exhibition “The GREAT ERA of PIRACY Asia Tour”. Experience over 20 exciting and interactive zones with special new surprise zones never seen outside of JAPAN! This Asia Tour stop will be at 8th Floor CentralWorld LIVE, Bangkok Thailand from February 14th – May 12th 2024. One Piece Fans and Adventure Loving Crowds will find themselves entertained, engaged and even having so much fun in the One Piece Theme Café and Merchandising Zones.
Start by downloading the One Piece GREAT ERA of PIRACY Application from the QR Code at the Event. This application will track all your BERRY that you earn during your adventure from zones such as:
We are Straw Hat’s Crew – Motion Sensor Game
Break Through Enies Lobby – Technical Skill Game
Defending Fish-Man Island – AR Game
The Colosseum Tournament – AR Game
Battle of the Mirror World – AR Game
Adventurers can now move their way through the zones with one of a kind FRP for Photo Opportunities, to experiencing MINI Movies, Emotional Anime Scenes, Interactive Games and immerse themselves in the “GREAT ERA of PIRACY” Asia Tour Exhibition. Fight to the death for BERRY to enter the top ten leaderboard & earn exciting prizes and show off your skill to the world!
Last but not least wander through the hustling and bustling of The Land of WANO to see a one of a kind battle scene between Luffy and Kaido while trying your luck and skill at one of the Themed Game Booths to add to your points by purchasing Game Tokens at 30 Baht for 1 token or 100 baht for 4 Tokens.
Don’t forget to take a picture with the GIANT 7 METER GEAR 5 LUFFY never seen before outside of JAPAN!!! Be the first in the world to take the best pictures with this one of a kind and gigantic Gear 5 Luffy.
One Piece F&B area and Merchandise Zones are filled with goodies and fun things. Limited and affordable merchandise are up for grabs here that suit all budgets and with eco environmentally friendly collectable shopping bag for sale. Get a surprise cup kidding limited edition collectibles in the F&B area while enjoying some Japanese Curries, One Piece Themed Recipes, and snacks.
Adult Tickets include Hologram Exclusive Souvenir Lucky Draw – 749 Baht
Student (not over 24 years old) & Senior Tickets (over 60 years old) include Hologram Exclusive Lucky Draw – 428 Baht
Fast Track Tickets include Hologram Exclusive Souvenir, Thailand Limited Acrylic Set and Fast Track Option – 1990 Baht
Anyone who sign up at Incutix, will get a packet of free One Piece Film Red Card
  • The Pre-sales period of 1:6 Ace Statue, 1:6 Teach Statue, and 1:6 Ace vs Teach Dual Battle Statue is February 14th 2024 to May 12th 2024.
  • The finished goods of 1:6 Ace Statue, 1:6 Teach Statue, and 1:6 Ace vs Teach Dual Battle Statue are estimated to be ready for delivery in Q4 2024.
  • The sales of 1:6 Ace Statue, 1:6 Teach Statue, and 1:6 Ace vs Teach Dual Battle Statue is non-refundable.
  • The price of 1:6 Ace Statue, 1:6 Teach Statue, and 1:6 Ace vs Teach Dual Battle Statue includes the Statue and Free ticket(s) only.
  • Down payment of 20% of the price of 1:6 Ace Statue, 1:6 Teach Statue, and 1:6 Ace vs Teach Dual Battle Statue will be paid at the time of purchase. The remaining 80% will be paid when the finished product is ready to ship. A payment link will be sent out to each customer via email from Incutix.
    • Ace – Price: 30,800 Baht; 20% Down payment: 6,160 Baht
    • Teach – Price: 28,875 Baht; 20% Down payment: 5,775 Baht
    • Dual Battle – Price: 53,900 Baht; 20% Down payment: 10,780 Baht
  • When the finished goods are ready to ship, Incutix will inform each customer (who purchases the statue) individually on delivery address, shipping costs, and Custom Fee (if applicable) with payment link via email.
  • If customer does not pay the remaining balance, shipping cost, and Custom Fee within 1 week after the receipt of the notification, it will be considered cancellation, and the down payment will not be refunded.
  • Shipping cost of Statue is not included. Customer who is interested to buy should estimate the shipping cost based on its dimension and weight before placing order. You can also contact Incutix about the estimated shipping costs. Incutix will notify customer the actual shipping cost when order is ready to be shipped.
    • Ace – Size: H:80cm x D:46cm x W:56cm; Weight: 80kg
    • Teach – Size: H:70cm x D:45cm x W:55cm; Weight: 70kg
    • Dual Battle – Size: H:80cm x D:46cm x W:101cm; Weight: 150kg
  • Any VAT / custom fee is not included. Customer would be responsible for such costs.
  • Should there be any shipping and custom clearance issues, please contact [email protected] for assistance.
  • Product Packaging: styrofoam, EPE, colored inner box, and kraft paper box
  • Product materials: PU, resin, alloy, and PVC
  • Product details:
    • Ace is made of fully transparent PU with LED dynamic lighting effect. The height of the transparent PU reaches 80cm, and the physical dynamics are extremely impressive.
    • Teach’s ring is made of gemstones, and the skin texture of the characters is depicted, creating a more vivid representation of the character's image.
    • Both characters can swing alone or engage in battle mode splicing.
  • All products are colored by hand. As a result, there might be slight difference on color that should not be considered quality issue.
  • Due to different screen displays, colors and shapes of the products may vary slightly from the screen display.
  • All products are subject to the final physical product and will not be notified separately. Thank you for your understanding.
  • The delivery time may be delayed due to unforeseen reasons. The actual delivery time should be based on the official notification.
  • Upon receiving the product, please inspect the product in person and sign it off if there is no quality issue with the product.
  • Should there be any quality issue, please contact [email protected] for assistance.